Cloud mining of bitcoin crypto-currency

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  • 2020 bitcoin
  • 2000 money
  • XVIIcentury gold

Investment plans:

  • BASIC 5.00% Daily
    • Plan duration:30 days
    • Payment days:Monday to Sunday
    • Total return: 150%
    • Investment from:25USD
    Principal Included
  • PREMIUM 6.00% Daily
    • Plan duration:22 days
    • Payment days:Monday to Sunday
    • Total return:132%
    • Investment from:25USD
    Principal included
  • PRO 8.00% Daily
    • Plan duration:14 days
    • Payment days:Monday to Sunday
    • Total return:112%
    • Investment from:25USD
    Principal included
  • AFTER 107% after
    • Plan duration:7 days
    • Payment days:Monday to Sunday
    • Total return:107%
    • Investment from:100USD
    Principal included
Deposit amount:

  • daily profit:
    1.25 USD
  • total return:
    37.5 USD
  • Instant payments

    Our company conducts a flexible financial policy; therefore, we guarantee stable accruals and payments to each investor.

  • affiliate programs

    The company will give you a monetary reward depending on the level of your partners and the amount of their contributions.

    • 5%
    • 2%
    • 1%
    • 1%
  • round-the-clock Support

    We provide unbeatable support service through feedback form and support email

About company

Many people who are interested in crypto-currencies as a source of income probably know the term "cloud mining" (extraction of crypto-currency). You need expensive highly specialized software with high computing power to extract crypto currency.

In order to do business in cloud mining independently, you need to invest thousands of dollars in the purchase of hardware, then properly configure it and wait until it is fully compensated to start earning a net profit.

That is why many people refuse self-financing and invest in companies that are major players in this market.

Company Bitcoinge Ltd deals in cloud mining on an industrial scale, using the latest technologies and specialized equipment with the maximum speed, power and performance. We are the official resellers of leading companies that produce equipment for activities related to cloud mining. We have our own data centers.

You do not have to invest thousands of dollars in buying equipment for mining and then waiting a few months until it is fully compensated. All you need to do is to become our investor, periodically log in to your personal account on the site and collect the accumulated profit.

The company makes profit on cloud mining of the most stable and promising crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Dogecoin and others. We have expanded a small system to powerful data centers that mine crypto-currencies around the clock. Thanks to your investments, we will increase productive capacity and will be able to cover much larger amounts.

All private investments to the project will be directly used to purchase new, more powerful equipment, as well as modernization of the existing one. You invest exclusively in improving the overall productivity of the company's facilities. We increase our own income and at the expense of this we provide a profit for you.

Cloud mining will allow you to receive passive long-term income without risks.


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Bitcoinge Ltd is happy to welcome you at our website. Quite literally, cryptocurrency mining has become one of the most popular and reliable ways to earn passive income. As opposed to organizing your own mining farm that requires large investment and constant support, cloud mining is a more affordable and easier way to earn income. By investing into this activity, you will...

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Our vision

First of all, the company Bitcoinge Ltd was created for investors who do not pursue excess profits, but are looking for a reliable project for long-term investments. Thanks to our company, investors can earn money regardless of the starting capital amount and technical capabilities of their personal computers.